Citrix, Raspberry Pi2 & ThinLinx a High-res Graphics Client

I love the new movement of low cost PC boards and the Raspberry Pi was the first and most widely used. I have a RP 2 at home to run kodi. Citrix is now working with ThinLinx to support RP2 as a thin client with HDX and central management. I’m waiting to hear back from ThinLinx if their solution supports multiple monitors. That’s asking a lot of such a low cost device, but most of our users have become accustom to having dual monitors.

I also need to bring up the fact that the total solution is more than $50, a Raspberry Pi 2 cost ~$35 but you still need a power supply, SD card, and case. So you’re looking at closer to $75 plus the ThinLinx software. It’s still lower than another other thin client device I’ve seen.

These days, we’re all being challenged to do more with less. People are increasingly working with high-res graphics, full-frame videos and real-time audio with their business apps, while most IT budgets are shrinking. The capabilities of cost-effective thin clients and repurposed PC solutions have continued to evolve and help keep pace with this challenge.

Source: Citrix, Raspberry Pi2 & ThinLinx: High-res Graphics Client for $50! | Citrix Blogs

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