How to track who logs into citrix

We have a few citrix farms and are slowly migrating to Xenapp 6.5, but we have to track who is still using the old farm before we just pull the plug. We have Xendeskop enterprise edition licenses, so we don’t have edgesite.

I wrote a small batch file that logs data each time a user connects to Xenapp (full desktop or published app) and writes it to a network share.

You can then take the csv file and report on the data from excel.


echo %date%,%time%,%computername%,%userdomain%,%username%,%sessionname%,%logonserver% >> \\server\share\output.log


Save the bat file on each citrix server in %SystemRoot%\System32
This way the file is located in your path variable.

Now run Regedt32.exe and go to the following value:

After the last entry in the Appsetup value, place a comma and a space and then enter the name and extension of the script you placed in the %SystemRoot%\System32 folder.

For example after adding xalogon.cmd, the value would look like:
Usrlogon.cmd, Rmvlinks.exe, xalogon.cmd

xalogon.cmd will now run every time a user logs into the server.

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