How to Determine Where the IMA Data Store Database is Located

We are in the process of moving from our Xenapp 5 farm to Xenapp 6.5, it seems like once a week I’m spinning up a new server to install a silo application for the new farm. These applications only require a server or two so I don’t use PVS. One of the things I keep forgetting to document is the farm database information. So I’m documenting how to find the database information on an existing Xenapp server maybe to help someone else. (yes I should just document this information for my own farm 🙂 )

Examine the DSN file, which contains the connection details to the database.

32-bit Servers
C:Program FilesCitrixIndependent Management ArchitectureMF20.dsn

64-bit Servers
C:Program Files (x86)CitrixIndependent Management ArchitectureMF20.dsn

The following is an example of an MF20.dsn file from a server using an Access data store on the local machine:

DRIVER=Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)
FIL=MS Access
DBQ=C:Program FilesCitrixIndependent Management ArchitectureMF20.mdb

The following is an example of an MF20.dsn file from a server connecting to a remote SQL Server instance:

APP=Citrix IMA


Citrix kb ctx105257

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  1. Wow, you tackle some very targeted and complex stuff. I have no idea how you can push this kinda stuff. Maybe Blog Engage would be good for you. – Scott Craighead

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