Nutanix CVM Memory sizing guidelines

We have 2 nutanix clusters for our out of country manufacture sites. It was a learning experience ordering and configuring a hyperconverged system. Every time you step out of your comfort zone and try something new you always learn what you can do better the next time. This is true even with technology.

I understood what hyperconverged systems were and how they worked. Because you’re replicating, compressing, and maybe even deduping the data you really have to understand what your storage needs are and what your true usable storage is in a design. Some hyperconverged solutions use a vm to pass the data through, these vms tend to be large and have high CPU and memory needs.

Below is the sizing for nutanix CVM, their controller vms, so you can include them in your overall design so you know what’s usable memory for your production vms.

  • CVM RAM sizing is the same for every supported hypervisor of Nutanix
  • All CVMs in a cluster must have the same amount of RAM
  • Default and minimum is 16GB RAM per CVM
  • With Inline dedup use 24GB RAM
  • Post dedup use 32GB RAM (requires that inline dedup is also activated)
  • EC-X (erasure coding) doesn’t require additional RAM
  • Compression (inline and postprocess) doesn’t require additional RAM

Source: Nutanix Storage Efficiency Features – CVM Memory sizing guidelines | pichlbauer

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