This is my information dump of o365 add-ons and tools. I’m just starting it so I’m sure I’m missing some.


SkyKick – o365 migrations including public folders, only sell through resellers ( Can also do backups. But only sells to microsoft partners)

BitTitan – o365 migrations including public folders, direct sell, primary product is migrationwiz

Cloudmigrator365 – o365 migrations seem to be a UK based company

Sharegate – sharepoint migrations to from onprem to o365 only

MessageOps – Lots of different tools but the Office 365 Exchange Migration Tool allows you to import AND export pst files. This is the only tool I’ve found that allows you to do this.

Lepide Exchange Server Migration – a solution to help you in this complex mailbox migration between two Exchange Servers and migration from any Exchange Server to Office 365


0365 Manager Plus – ManageEngines option for delegated o365 admin


Office 2016 Quick Starts – Get up and running quickly with our new online Office 2016 Quick Starts.

o365info – A great blog with administrator tips and tricks on o365


UpSafe – Still in beta for o365, there are screenshots for mailbox backup but I can’t tell if it backs up sharepoint or onedrive.

Spanning – An EMC company, hard to find details just talks about backing up o365.

CloudAlly – Can backup both Sharepoint and online Exchange. Looks like Sharepoint and Exchange are different solutions so you are charged differently for each.


Azure usage report – not o365 but a better way to understand and view your Azure billing. I still want to be able to break it down by vm. I need to assign each vm a dept and report the cost to each dept.

cloudyn – Using the Azure API to provide detailing billing information on your Azure usage.

cloudcruiser –  Using the Azure API to provide detailing billing information on your Azure usage.