how to install OMSA on vmware ESXi

If you want to use Dell’s free OME (OpenManage Essentials) with ESXi servers you have to install the OMSA.

I’ve found an easy way to install and update the OMSA using vmware update manager.

First you need to setup a online depot for the Dell. To do this you need to go to the admin section of the vmware update manager in vcenter. Click on the configuration tab.
Next you need to select download settings along the left hand side.
On the top right you’ll see ‘Add Download source’
You’ll get a popup window, add the URL
Click validate link and make sure you get the green check box.

Once your download schedule runs you’ll see the Openmange packages listed in the patch repository. They will be added to you existing non-critical patch baseline. So scan your host and rememdy the host to install openmanage
WARNING it will require a server reboot during the install.

Hope that helps someone, the online depot makes the process so much easier.

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