Convert vmware vmdk files to hyperv vhd

We are just moving into the hyperv world and I don’t have SCVMM setup yet.

I have a ESXi 4.1 host at a remote site and a new hyperv 2012 server.

The hardware is dying on the ESXi so I need to move those vms to hyperv.

A little research today and I found a few free solutions.

Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter

Microsoft has a stand alone solution and it looks like it will connect directly to the ESX host and after a snap do the conversion and copy to the hyperV host. (download)

StarWind V2V Converter

A free solution from starwind, lots of blogs post about this product and it can go from vmdk to vhd and the other way around, but with this solution it looks like I need to copy the vmdk file myself and it just converts it locally on the hyperv server.

Free 5nine V2V Easy Converter v2.0

Another free product from 5nine, but this one I haven’t seen too much about. It sounds like it will connect, snap and convert the vmdk directly from teh ESX host to the hyperv host.


It doesn’t look like any of these tools can V2V the vm well its hot, so this would be a offline move. I think I have a small sm at that site I can test each solution with. I’ll report back on my findings once I’m done.

Have you tried any of these products or did I miss any options? Let me know in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Convert vmware vmdk files to hyperv vhd

  1. I remember in early versions of VMware ESXi that there were a lot of converters to move to VMware, but not many the other way around. Now there are reasons to move the other way, they can justify the time to make converters lol.

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