Security tools bookmarks

As I’m learning about different security tools and solutions, I keep adding to my bookmarks for follow-up. Today, I’m sharing my list with you, a little crowd sourcing. Take a look and let me know of other similar solutions or new areas I’m missing.

Silverfort Unified Identity Protection Platform –

Message from Beyond Identity

GitHub – BloodHoundAD/BloodHound: Six Degrees of Domain Admin

HYPR: True Passwordless Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

The Leader in Workforce Passwordless MFA – Secret Double Octopus

miniOrange Secure It Right : Identity and Access Management Solution

Affordable Two-factor Authentication for Windows Active Directory with YubiKeys and Google Authenticator OATH tokens | AuthLite

Passwordless sign-in with Microsoft Authenticator – Microsoft Entra | Microsoft Learn

Cloud-Native Zero Trust Security –

Implement password hash synchronization with Azure AD Connect sync – Microsoft Entra | Microsoft Learn

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