Top 5 Business apps For Your iPhone

Businesspersons need to be in contact with their clients and colleagues all the time. They need to stay updated with the work progress and other important things. At such time, iPhone comes as a disguise for the business persons. These technologically advanced phones can help you achieve your office goals in a better manner. There are thousands of Business apps at disposal for the businessmen but the 5 business apps that you can?t do without are listed below: –


The most important requirement to make your business successful is contacts. You need to increase your contacts and connections in order to expand your business. LinkedIn is a social network for professionals from all over the world. It has over 120 million registered users. It helps you get in touch with different people of same profession, exchange ideas and make your business better. If you are a professional then forget twitter and Facebook and go for LinkedIn.

WorldCard Mobile

One thing that is most frustrating for every businessperson is managing business cards. It?s not an easy task to manage everyone?s card and keep it with you all time time. Here WorldCard Mobile comes to rescue. With one click in your iPhone, it captures image of business card and then sorts information on its own. It supports various languages and many other interesting features like merging new business cards with existing contacts, copy email signature and adding to the contact list etc., which help to organize your contacts and keep them secure.


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If you want to fix a meeting with any colleague, there is always issue of proper place and time, which suits both. MeetMe helps you to choose appropriate place, which is at equal distance and convenient for both. You need to just enter two locations and rest the app will do. It will locate nearby restaurant or any other place as per the requirements. It prevents all the irritation of mails and phone calls to decide the venue for meeting.


There are various events happening around us every time. But we have no or little knowledge about them. We miss many important events that could have helped our business to grow. Now with this amazing app no event will go unnoticed. There are millions of professionals who use this app. It would not only help you keep updated but also let you RSVP instantly.

Dragon Dictation

When we are on the go typing isn?t the easiest thing to do. So start speaking and stop typing. This cool app converts whatever you will speak instantly to text or email messages. It?s quite accurate and also around 5 times faster than typing. You can save notes, send memos and even update status on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. ?

Earlier every business had some infrastructural requirements such as office, cabin, and alike. But in today?s advanced world, you don?t need a cabin if you have an iPhone. It has given us a freedom to choose your workplace that can be your home, your room and even your washroom. So, enjoy this freedom by downloading these apps on your iPhones.

This is a post by Mel, a snowboarding fanatic from California, who uses her iPhone to track business on the slopes!

3 thoughts on “Top 5 Business apps For Your iPhone

  1. This is a good list (and a difficult one to compile).

    I think you should also consider Dropbox (because you have access to your most important files), Evernote (keep your notes in sync on all devices), and Quickoffice (for editing your office documents on your phone).

    Thanks for writing this.

  2. Hey one more iphone application is there named Blogpress. I am using BlogPress and very happy with it and best part is it could be it works with multiple blog programs. You can do anything blogging related with this application add video, content management, media and images.

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