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My old computer died on my last week. I?ve been looking for a new one. Nothing special, I play on my games on the Xbox. I just do email,web surfing, mp3, and photos on my computer. Plus I stream to the xbox. But I?d like this machine to be able to run windows 7 when it comes out in 09. I?ve been looking for at least a dual core that can be upgrade to a quad core later, 4GB of ram or more, DVD burner, and vista home premium or ultimate x64. I?d love to get component out so I could hook it to my projector, but that seems hard to find and more expensive that I want to pay right now.

I?ve found that deal at Circuit City

HP desktop, 19 inch monitor & printer for about $600

note: I?m only looking for a desktop computer but the above deal only cost an addition 20 bucks for the monitor and printer.

Anyone point me to anything better? I plan I purchasing in the next few days.


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    I don’t know about you but WordPress updates drive me mad. Every time they update I find that something has broken on my site.

    The thing is WordPress seem to update for the sake of it lately. How many updates were there in 2008?

    Oh well whats another update among friends?

    All the best

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  2. Hi! I think $600 for desktop, monitor and printer is a very good deal. Have you bought them all already? What’s the brand of your printer?

  3. Recently a friend of mine purchased the components off the web and built a quad core duo for just over $600. This computer would have cost over a grand at Dell.

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  4. HP is a very nice choice. They have a great customer service – I once recieved a new power cord for my laptop (worh around 30$ at the time I think) for free even though my warranty was way over.

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