Shopping for new computer

Image via CrunchBase, source unknown

My old computer died on my last week. I?ve been looking for a new one. Nothing special, I play on my games on the Xbox. I just do email,web surfing, mp3, and photos on my computer. Plus I stream to the xbox. But I?d like this machine to be able to run windows 7 when it comes out in 09. I?ve been looking for at least a dual core that can be upgrade to a quad core later, 4GB of ram or more, DVD burner, and vista home premium or ultimate x64. I?d love to get component out so I could hook it to my projector, but that seems hard to find and more expensive that I want to pay right now.

I?ve found that deal at Circuit City

HP desktop, 19 inch monitor & printer for about $600

note: I?m only looking for a desktop computer but the above deal only cost an addition 20 bucks for the monitor and printer.

Anyone point me to anything better? I plan I purchasing in the next few days.