Use PowerShell to report on Intune devices

I need to start creating reports for auditors about our intune devices. Including patching and defender ATP levels. I also want to collect Azure AD group memberships of computer objects but list the computer owner at the same time.

Below is a link dump as I start this project.

powershell-intune-samples/ManagedDevices at master · microsoftgraph/powershell-intune-samples · GitHub

Using PowerShell with Microsoft Graph to query Intune Devices (byteben.com)

Microsoft Intune PowerShell Module | Tech Wizard

powershell-intune-samples/ManagedDevices_Get.ps1 at master · microsoftgraph/powershell-intune-samples · GitHub

Managing Intune Device Categories via Powershell – Microsoft Tech Community

azure – Looking for POwershell script for Intune/ Microsoft Graph to pull last user login , fields dont appear to exist – Stack Overflow

If you know of any additional resource, please post them in the links below.


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