Two way outlook and Gmail contact sync

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Why is this so hard. There seems to be a ton of ways to sync your calendars, but I can’t find a good way to sync my contacts.

Here’s what I’m looking for an easy way to sync contacts between — a gmail account, a gmail for domains account, outlook at home (imap,pop) , and outlook at work (using exchange)

Plaxo seemed like it was designed for this, but they are too interested in their new pulse social network look good, not get two way contact sync with gmail working. Plus with Comcast acquiring them, who knows.

A search of google did turn up gSyncit and OggSync both paid software but I tried OggSync but it doesn’t have a free trial of the contact sync. I’ll give gSyncit a try this weekend. I don’t know if they’ll be able to handle the deplicate detection of the four different accounts.

Anyone else have an easy way to two way sync gmail for domains contacts with outlook?

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  1. I have no clue myself. Looks like Google has forgotten to add something that people need in it’s Gmail service, again!

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  2. I love Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Talk. But I’m having the same problem as you when it comes to sync-ing contacts. I actually don’t think Google has a way of doing this – but I’m sure they’ll develop a new method soon.

  3. Hi Jayb,

    can you please update us on how is “gSyncit” testing doing?

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  4. This is too advanced for me. I never even tried that, since I don’t have enough trust. I’m one of those persons who writes the stuff on the paper and sits in front of the PC. It’s just more convenient for me šŸ™‚

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  5. @sync
    This software looks like it would work great, but its only for outlook 2007 and I have outlook 2003 šŸ™
    I tried emailing the my request/support for a outlook 2003 version, but the email got bounced. I tried
    and, neither worked.
    If the author/owner of this software sees this post. Please leave a comment.
    Thank you,jb

  6. Old old question that everyone is asking. I’ve been looking for a solution for over a year now!

    Well, after searching all over the Internet for any breakthroughs in this matter (which I do almost bi-weekly), I’m trying now. (Plaxo says that it syncs with Google Contact, but taking a closer look at its FAQ reveals that it only currently sync one way from Google to Plaxo.)

  7. just tested … it’s a great tool!!! it’s exactly what u guys are looking for

  8. All I want to do is have one calander, one contacts, one tasks pad and one note pad. I want all the platforms I’m required to use between home terminal and work terminal and my new blackberry to sync with each other. Why the #$** is this so much to ask for? won’t download with Outlook on my desktop, and doesn’t have a blackberry program yet, gmail will talk with outlook calander, but not the contacts. A real solution would be great – anyone have one?

  9. I’ve got a string of calendars set up with outlook on one end, google in the middle, my mac on the other end and until recently my iphone syncing off the mac. Keeping contacts synced is a nightmare. I did periodic exports / imports and used an outlook tool called Contacts Scrubber to dedupe (it’s free and useful) – but now I have started a new job and found myself back at the beginning again. I’m tempted to just use gmail for everything as it already syncs contacts with my iphone.

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  10. Great Tip! I'm using Soocial and it's work perfectly! Also, a tip: Who want that Outlook sync Calendar from Google can use Google Calendar Sync. Only miss now the Task sync! Cya!

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  12. I just tryed to set this program up on my computer, I am using Outlook 2007 and windows 7. what it does is runs the sync and the dialoge box turns a pail white and returns 0 for the sync's completed. and I know that I have at least 12 new on outlook and 1 new on google can someone tell me how to fix this?

  13. I am getting to that point but my issue is that one of the places that I work I can only access that email from outlook. I need my contact to go over to gpoogle because it automatically syncs to my cell phone where I need the contacts on a job site.

  14. Soocial was exactly what I was looking for. I had to spend some time looking for this which should be a fairly basic solution. The google version crashed immediately but this worked and did the sync to gmail as well.

  15. Soocial works pretty well, but the free version is limited to 250 contacts and the paid version is a bit expensive, unfortunately.

  16. Hi,

    You could try to use this:

    GO Contact Sync

    You could search the name on Google. Please run as administrator if you are using windows 7 or vista.

    Nice to help you.

    1. I haven’t looked for a solution like this before.
      Are you looking to just sync emails or contact and calendar as well?
      If you enable pop on your exchange server you could pop it from your gmail account.

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