Two way outlook and Gmail contact sync

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Why is this so hard. There seems to be a ton of ways to sync your calendars, but I can’t find a good way to sync my contacts.

Here’s what I’m looking for an easy way to sync contacts between — a gmail account, a gmail for domains account, outlook at home (imap,pop) , and outlook at work (using exchange)

Plaxo seemed like it was designed for this, but they are too interested in their new pulse social network look good, not get two way contact sync with gmail working. Plus with Comcast acquiring them, who knows.

A search of google did turn up gSyncit and OggSync both paid software but I tried OggSync but it doesn’t have a free trial of the contact sync. I’ll give gSyncit a try this weekend. I don’t know if they’ll be able to handle the deplicate detection of the four different accounts.

Anyone else have an easy way to two way sync gmail for domains contacts with outlook?

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