Microsoft Teams – SIP IS NOT DEAD! It’s Just Somewhere Else!

Yesterday I had a call with microsoft about Teams and our want to move to it for our new voice solution. We were talking through what works today and what isn’t there yet. One of the items that was brought up is that Teams doesn’t use SIP, which lead me to search for some more details on this. I found this post from Syncdedup and wanted to share.

In summary, SIP is not dead and you should not be concerned with this drift away from SIP as far as the desktop / web client is concerned. MNP24 has been in Skype consumer since 2014 and is a robust protocol. It allows Microsoft to develop their own components without the limitation of standards based protocols, which is good for development, but also carries risk around compatibility. It is confusing why a company that has spent the last 10 years promoting standards based protocols would pull a 180 when al

Source: Microsoft Teams – SIP IS NOT DEAD! It’s Just Somewhere Else! – SynchedUp


One of the items we currently have is a combination of analog and IP based overhead paging. It sounds like the analog speakers are not an issue, they just need a common phone license. But I haven’t found a solution for the IP based speakers yet, with cisco we are using informacast but it doesn’t look like it works with Skype/Teams 🙁

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