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vmware VCSA SSH links

We just upgraded to VCSA 6.5u1 yesterday from Vcenter 5.5. The process went flawlessly.

I did need to ssh and winscp into the VCSA to reset the update manager DB. Here are the information I used to enable SSH and then change the shell so winscp works.


Run the below commands to enable SSH.  ssh.get shows the current status.  ssh.set allows you to change the state of SSH.  Use ‘false’ instead of true to disable SSH.

Command> ssh.get
Enabled: False
Command> ssh.set –enabled true
Command> ssh.get
Enabled: True

The above methods takes effect immediately, no need to reboot.  When disabling SSH, current sessions stay active and don’t end.  So if someone has an open SSH session they won’t be kicked out until they logoff or their session times out.

Enable SSH on vCenter Server Appliance 6 (VCSA)

To be able to connect with WinSCP, the default shell has to be configured to /bin/bash:

# chsh -s "/bin/bash" root

If you want to revert this change later and reactivate the Appliance Shell, change the default shell back to /bin/appliancesh:

# chsh -s /bin/appliancesh root


vCenter Service Appliance 6.5 Tips and Tricks


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