Increase limit in outlook rules

I thought I had a lot of rules in outlook. But the other day one of our developers came to be and said he couldn’t add any more rules to outlook. I’d never heard of the issue and showed him how many rules I had. He just laughed and said he can a bunch more than me.

So I started looking to see if this was a setting that could be increased and if it was a server wide setting or if I could do it per mailbox.

Powershell to the rescue! You can set it per mailbox.

In the Exchange management shell type

get-mailbox -id <username> |?ft DisplayName,RulesQuota

This will return the current value for the rules quota, the default is 64 KB

Now type

set-mailbox -id <username> -rulesquota 256KB

this will increase the rules quota to 256KB which is the max size you can increase it to.

I can take a few hours to replicate and take effect because this is part of an active directory attribute.

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