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Tag: football

Lot of updates

I finally updated this site to WP 2.3 last night. I also had to update a bunch of plug-ins. Let me know if you have any problems with
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Football weekend

What a weekend for football and the biggest game (colts VS pats) hasn’t even been played yet. Michigan makes a come back in the 4th quarter to beat
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The lion sleeps tonight

The lions showed their true form today, losing to the redskins 34-3. I’d be surprised if the lions win 2 more this season. [tags]football[/tags]
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Twitter Updates for 2007-08-27

watching the lions preseason game on moxi-dvr. The colts are picking the lions apart. # Anyone interested in joining a fantasy football league, post a comment on
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Fantasy Football

Well its that time of year again, to start sending the emails about getting a fantasy football league together. I’ve always done the free leagues and had a
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