Fantasy Football

Well its that time of year again, to start sending the emails about getting a fantasy football league together. I’ve always done the free leagues and had a good time. But the few years not everyone that started in the league followed though the entire season, which kinda kills the fun. This year I wanted to find a place online that cost $5 or $10 just so people would be more willing to play out the entire season. It looks like this year ESPN is totally free. We had used MSN/Fox Sports the past two years and their live draft and first few weeks where always awful. We used to use Yahoo until they started charging for everything.

As anyone used ESPN in the past? I would still like to require a 5-10 fee with small prizes at the end.

I’ll send emails out soon or contact me if you want to play this year. You all know the address, if not just leave a comment here.


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