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Category: Rants


If you like politics and role playing, check out NationStates, I’ve linked to this before but I finally created my own nation Rubixs. Here’s the link to my
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Straight from Malkin Debbie Schlussel, blogger/investigative writer/lawyer, is extending an invitation to citizens interested in intervening in the ACLU’s NSA lawsuit. She practices in Eastern Michigan, where the
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I think I may start ranting about politics a little more on this site. A new politic site I found a new site tonight, I like the URL,
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I hate CBS Football

I’ve been watching the Colts game on CBS. They are winning about about 20 points, but I still want to see the end of the game, instead they
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Second Chances?

Randy, always seems to hit the nail on the head, Sh*t I think we should bring back public hangings and make jails a little less comfortable….No one has
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