Protests? Are You Shitting Me?

I’ve been meaning to put together something about all these illegal’s. but I haven’t had the time or be able to put together something because the whole idea of people complaining because they broke the law, but want to get all the benefits of being an american. ARRGGGGG… Once again, Randy comes to my rescue.

One more thing, whatever happens, these people MUST learn english.


I’m confused.

I mean, there’s a march in downtown Seattle. There’s been marches across the country. The news is reporting that these marches are for immigrant rights.

Am I on an episode of Sliders? Quantum Leap?

What the fuck is going on here?

All of the media needs to be slapped with a giant trout. Not one of the current news sources is accurately reporting on this story on all fronts. What does it take to be accurate? How about you remind the public that all of this bullshit is because Congress decided to enforce the law! We do not have open borders. We have a poorly maintained border and Congress was planning on fixing that aspect of the problem.
In a compromise, our lawmakers said “hey, want to hang out? Fine – do your duty and become citizens” and people freaked.

These protesters are protesting because an existing law is trying to be enforced!

No one mentions that. No one seems to say that people are protesting for “illegal immigrant rights”. That one word gets left out. Drifts away. La la la, they have a right to be here. Bullshit.

What else is pissing these protester off? That we want illegal immigrants to learn English, if they want to stay. That we want them to work for the citizenship that they’ve been stealing all these years. That we want them to pay all of the taxes that they’ve been failing to pay all these years.

People always go on about “America needs to welcome immigrants”. I agree, we do. I also agree that it needs to be regulated like it has been for almost 100 years. Like it was supposed to be regulated for the last decade. Like it was for my relatives three generations ago. For security, for economics, for quality of life, etc. etc. etc. It’s an endless concern – one that should have been addressed in the 90’s.

Of course when you bring this up, illegal immigrants throw the “genetic lottery” in yer face. “Oh, well, that’s OK for you – you were born here.” Right. What makes you so damned special that you think you can question where I was born? I was born here. That means I was forced to learn English, because I was born here. If there was a draft, I would be forced to defend my country because of my citizenship, because I was born here. And because I was born here and I work here, I’m forced to pay my taxes.

All of which illegal immigrants don’t have to do. Why the hell are you all complaining?

From MSNBC: Nineth Castillo, a 26-year-old waitress from Guatemala who joined the Atlanta march, said she has lived in the United States for 11 years “without a scrap of paper.” Asked whether she was afraid to parade her undocumented status in front of a massive police presence, she laughed and said: “Why? They kick us out, we’re coming back tomorrow.”

Right. That makes sense. What a fuckin’ pooch screw. I’d love to see the reaction to our government saying “Get the fuck out. Now.” That these people even have a right to protest comes without any payment to the government that allows it. Lunacy.

Hell, yeah, I’m confused.


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