Second Chances?

Randy, always seems to hit the nail on the head, Sh*t I think we should bring back public hangings and make jails a little less comfortable….No one has a “right” to watch TV or use the internet.
Oh yeah the ACLU sucks and waste tax payers money…more on that later. I’m too worked up right now.

MSNBC: N.C. carries out nation’s 1,000th execution
Convicted killer dies by lethal injection; death penalty reinstated in 1976 […] “He made one mistake and now it’s costing him his life,” said Kenneth Smith, 35, who visited with his wife and two children. “A lot of people get a second chance. I think he deserves a second chance.”

He made one mistake? One?!

OK, I’m all for second chances… take a look at this, from the article:

Boyd, 57, did not deny that he shot and killed Julie Curry Boyd, 36, and her father, 57-year-old Thomas Dillard Curry. Family members said Boyd stalked his estranged wife after they separated following 13 stormy years of marriage and once sent a son to her house with a bullet and a threatening note.

There is mistake: sending “a son to her house with a bullet and a threatening note”. That’s the mistake. Right there. Clear as day. When you then follow through on the threat and shot your wife and father-in-law? That’s another mistake.

And no offense, pal, but if that was is only mistake throughout his entire life… well, I think it’s a huge enough mistake to forfeit your own life. We’re not talking self defense here. Not vehicular homicide. He purposely went to his wife and shot her – that’s as premeditated as you can get. And if you want the insanity plea, fine, but then his life should still be forfeit: if he’s insane, he won’t understand what that last shot means.

Ya know what, I was wrong: take offense to it if you want.


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