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troubleshooting Azure AD co-manage join

We’ve moved our configman setup to enable co-manage with Inune. For most of our computers this has gone just fine. But we have a subset that just won’t move to co-managed. I spend some time troubleshooting one computer this week and here are the links I used to fix that computer.


one of the most useful commands when troubleshooting a computer joing Azure AD.

Troubleshoot devices by using the dsregcmd command – Azure Active Directory | Microsoft Docs

From the error that DSREGCMD was through I found it was was likely that the TPM was not enabled.

tpm.msc confirmed that for me.

4 Ways to Find out if Your Windows PC Has a TPM Chip | Password Recovery (

Then I found the powershell command to make it even easier to check


How To Clear and Manage TPM on Windows 10 – NEXTOFWINDOWS.COM

I used the Dell Command Configure to create a package to enable the TPM.

Once that was done, after a few reboots and an user logging in that had a O365 license, the computer moved to co-managed

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