How To Completely Uninstall Software From Your Computer

To maintain a healthy and high performance PC, it is essential for computer users to keep it free from information they do not need. One of the important tasks in the process is to keep the system free from unwanted stuff by uninstalling programs you no longer need.

The Add or Remove Programs utility that comes with the Windows operating system is the most common method that users use to uninstall software. You can launch this utility from the Control Panel. After the Add or Remove Program window opens, select the software you want to uninstall and then remove it. For example, to remove Yahoo toolbar that is added on to your Internet Explorer, select its uninstall option in the Add or Remove Programs window and then select Remove.

Although popular, the Add or Remove Program utility often fails to completely uninstall software from your computer. Orphaned folders, files and registry entries are left behind that unnecessarily take up space on your PC and cause problems.

To counter this problem, there are a few other methods that users may use to ensure complete software removal. One of the popular methods is to use program-specific removal tools. These tools are usually available on the Web site of the software manufacturer. So, if you are facing problems, you may check the Web site of the software you are trying to remove, and if available you may download and use its uninstall tool to perform complete removal.

If a program-specific tool is not available, you may opt to download a reliable third-party program removal tool to completely get rid of programs you do not require. These tools are designed to thoroughly scan your files, folders, and registry entries for any information related to the program you are trying to remove and help you get rid of them. One of the main advantages of these uninstallers is that you may use them to uninstall even when the uninstall information of the program you are trying to remove is corrupt or missing?this is practically impossible by using Add or Remove Programs.

There are some programs, such as the Mirar Internet Explorer toolbar that often install on your computer without your knowledge. These programs, are known as spyware programs and they usually come packaged with freeware and shareware software you may download from the Internet. To uninstall Mirar and other similar spyware programs, you need to use an efficient antispyware tool. Before scanning, ensure that you update the tool with the latest definitions, and then run a thorough system scan to detect and uninstall these unwanted, malicious and troublesome programs.

Frequent install and uninstall of software affects the Windows registry the most because loads of information is added, modified, and deleted during this process. Quite often, the registry fills up with orphaned entries that cause it to bloat up, become unstable, generate errors, and slow down your computer. To get rid of these problems, you may use a good registry cleaner tool to perform a thorough registry scan and clean up. This helps in maintaining an error-free and compact registry that not only prevents several computer errors, but also enhances your computing experience.

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  1. Or use Uninstallers like Total Uninstall for Windows and Cleanapp for Mac, both of them monitor installations after the Uninstalller has been installed so that when a app that’s need to be uninstalled later can monitored by the above UI’s for all the changes made and remove them almost completely.


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