Bookmarks for January 24th through February 23rd

These are my links for January 24th through February 23rd:

  • Installing and Configuring Dell Management vCenter Plugin – – Tony’s own little slice of the internet… – In January 2011, Dell released a new Management Plugin for vCenter that allows administrators to monitor and maintain Dell 11G servers directly from the vCenter.
  • Community Driven Real Time Support « Jarian Gibson – When you are working with Citrix products and looking at different methods of community support like the Citrix forums, Twitter, and community blogs it’s always good to know there is another option.  Whether using the Citrix forums and waiting for replies to your posts, using Twitter and being limited to 140 characters, or searching the web looking for a community blog with an answer, you can get community driven real time support and interact with other Citrix community members in the Citrix IRC channel.
  • Moving the Virtual Center Database from SQL2000 to SQL2005 part 2 – Windows Live – backup!!<br />
    collect info about database (jobs/users/maintenance plan)<br />
    detach database (SQL 2000)<br />
    copy database files<br />
    attach database (SQL 2000) (new!)<br />
    attach database (SQL 2005)<br />
    remove orphaned users (if they exist)<br />
    Check ODBC settings
  • Script to install all print drivers on Citrix or Terminal Server | Remko Weijnen’s Blog (Remko’s Blog) – I wrote a PowerShell script to install all printer drivers on a Citrix or Terminal Server.
  • » Cores and more Cores… We don’t need them! – buying Nehalem processors with four, six, or even eight cores. My answer invariable is a rhetoric question – Why?

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