First Sharepoint 2010 project

To learn SharePoint I am developing a Project Site for work. We have a deal with a SharePoint consulting group for weekly meetings to help me get past my stucks.

Right now I?m working on the forms for the Projects.

Our projects have five different stages, so I?m using SharePoint designer to create a form for each stage. Each stage has different required fields. So in stage one there?s only about seven required fields, by stage three its up to eighteen fields.

A quick way to create a form in SharePoint designer is to create all of your columns in the list first.



Then click on the details of the list, you?ll see the list of forms in the right side column.


You will have three options for the type of form you create (new,edit,display)

By default the new forms will include all the fields from your list. What I did for each form is just create the first form then do a SaveAs for the other forms. Now I?m going back and removing the fields and columns I don?t need for each stage.

When I?m done I?ll have a total of twelve forms. I?m creating one of each type for all stages. I might not need them, but since we are still working through the process flow and how this is going to work. I figured it would be good practice to create them all.

Next I?ll start with workflows that will be triggered by the submit button.


A few things I ran into:

After I added all the new feeds, I had to create a ?new? form before I could create an edit form with the new fields. If I didn?t the edit form just contained the original fields.

I just started testing the workflows and it seems like I cannot add actions to the default save button that is auto created on the form, it looks like I have to delete that and add my own button object they edit that to do a commit and custom action.


I?ll continue these post as I learn more and get stuck.

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