Bookmarks for February 10th through February 17th

These are my links for February 10th through February 17th:

  • Home – WSSV4FAQ – WSSV4FAQ
  • User profile import problems in SharePoint 2010-SharePoint And Dot net Solutions – I know, most of the SharePoint administrators and development team facing problems with importing or syncing up the active directory with user profile store or SSP in SharePoint 2010. There are many reasons and you need to read the complete documentation before do anything.
  • Best Practices Delivering Microsoft Office Communicator on XenDesktop 4 – Citrix XenDesktop 4 with HDX RealTime allows users to communicate using the voice chat and video chat features of Microsoft Office Communicator.
    This document describes how to get the best results from both products in these scenarios. It is split into two sections; the first deals with any configuration changes needed to the XenDesktop 4 environment while the second looks at Microsoft Office Communicator itself.
  • Calculate IOPS in a storage array | Servers and Storage | – Good article on IOPS
  • VMware KBTV: VMware KBTV – VMware KBTV
    Videos from the VMware Knowledge Base
  • Integrate Citrix Application Access into Microsoft SharePoint – Chris Fleck previously, had talked about Extentrix's Web Services 2.0 – Application Edition which is developed by Citrix Ready partner Extentrix. This is a very useful tool that allows developers to directly integrate Citrix published applications, contents and desktop into corporate portals, company web sites and applications while reducing time and effort in development. Well, Extentrix has just released Web Services 4.0 with some impressive new features.

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