Best Practice Tips for Windows Server 2003 Cluster Service (MSCS)

We have a few windows 2003 clusters. Just found out this weekend that one of the nodes isn’t working. its complaining of bad disk signatures so right now the cluster can only run on the one node. I’d also like to know the best practice for add another drive (LUN) to the cluster. I need a larger disk for our exchange db, I could add another LUN or move the LUN to a larger one and use diskpart to extend it in windows. I just don’t know how well that works in a cluster :-)

1.         Under no circumstance should any other resource be created in the Cluster Group other than the default ones which are Quorum, Cluster IP Address and Cluster Network Name. (ref: KB168948)  If MS DTC is installed in the Cluster Group using the cluster’s resources and it’s not going to be used heavily by SQL, then this is the only exception that is supported as long as the MS DTC resource has the “Affect the group” box on the Advanced tab unchecked.

Ask the Core Team : TOP 10 Best Practice Tips for Windows Server 2003 Cluster Service (MSCS)

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