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Enable Delve on o365

I’m working on a new tenant and when I view my o365 profile I see

” Your organization has chosen not to show documents in Delve. “

Some people disable delve because they are concerned about security and maybe don’t fully understand how Delve works. Microsoft has done a great job of helping you find the information your looking for and Delve is part of that solution. It will pull files that are shared with you from other users and teams and bring them to the top of the list based on your interactions with the documents and users. You won’t be able to see any files or data that you don’t already have access to.

To enable Delve or disable it follow the directions below

  1. From the admin center, go to the SharePoint admin center.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Under Office graph, select the appropriate radio button to enable/disable Allow access to the Office graph.

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