Windows 10 magnifier

We got a few Microsoft surface hubs this week, they are awesome. But we noticed because of the high resolution details of excel documents can be hard to see, so I found the details on how to use windows 10 magnifier to zoom in on the area we are working on.

Turn Magnifier on and off

Press the Windows logo key?  + Plus (+) on the keyboard to turn Magnifier on. Press Windows logo key  + Esc to turn it off.

To turn Magnifier on and off using touch or the mouse, select Start  > Settings  > Ease of Access  Magnifier  and use the toggle under Magnifier.

You can also turn off Magnifier by selecting the Close  button on the Magnifier toolbar.

Zoom in and out and use Magnifier views

When Magnifier is on, zoom in and out by pressing the Windows logo key  + Plus (+) or Windows logo key  Minus (-). You can also zoom in and out using the mouse by pressing Ctrl + Alt and scrolling the mouse wheel.

You can use Magnifier in three different views: full screen, lens, or docked. To change views, use the Views menu on the Magnifier toolbar.

Full screen view magnifies the entire screen. You won’t be able to see the whole screen at the same time when it’s magnified, but as you move around the screen, you can see everything.

Lens view is like moving a magnifying glass around the screen. You can change the size of the lens in Magnifier settings.

Docked view works on the desktop. In this view, Magnifier is anchored to your screen. As you move around the screen, parts of the screen are magnified in the docking area, even though the main part of the screen is unchanged.


You can find the rest of the documentation about maginifier at

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