How to Shrink Down Word Files Ten-fold

For those of you who paste a lot of graphics files into your Word XP (Word 2002) documents, have you ever noticed how big those Word document files get? We work with a lot of Word docs containing tons of graphics and they get really big. Here’s a tip that will shrink those Word docs down ten-fold! (thanks to Ronald Beekalar for this great tip):

1. Open the Word document and save it with a different name (this is so that you have the original copy of the document just in case something goes haywire).
2. With the Word document open, click the Edit menu and then click Select All.
3. Now that the entire document is selected, Hold down the CTRL key. With the CTRL key held down, hold down the SHIFT key. With the SHIFT key and the CTRL key held down, press the F9 key (this is the CTRL+SHIFT+F9 keyboard combination).
4. Save the document. Compare the size of the new document with the size of the old one. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Ripped from WinXPnews