I hate phone tree’s, I’ll have to get this a try next time I have to call about my creditcard  or cable bill.

Most of us have heard of, which offers people directions on navigating phone trees or direct-access phones numbers in order to reach a live person. Now a new service by takes this one (small) step further.

After verifying your phone number, the website will call a service provider and navigate the phone tree for you. All you have to do is pick up when they call and you?re already on hold for the operator. I just tried this with one of my Citibank cards and it worked as advertised, saving me an entire 15 seconds ;) Unfortunately, it doesn?t wait on hold for you and call you when someone actually picks up – I am guessing the lag time would be too great and the customer service rep would probably just hang up. Bummer – that would be cool.

Originally published on Wed, 24 Jan 2007 01:34:48 GMT by Jonathan

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  1. My friend just emailed me about a new site at that contains what looks like hundreds of companies, their phone numbers, instructions for reaching a live person, etc. You can even upload recordings of customer service calls and update/add listings as well. Similar to, but more features and easier to use. Very cool site!