3 tools to help manage RDP connections

Remote Desktop Connection Manager

As an IT professional I’m always using RDP to access the servers. I’m using windows 8 and have pinned the RDP client to my taskbar and can access my recent server list by right clicking, but that only saves the last ten items. I can pin my favorite to the jump menu, but that just [...]

comment blocks of code with notepad++

English: Icon for Notepad++

I love notepad++ its a great text and script editor (other than powershell I still like ISE better) I needed to comment out a bunch of lines from a logon batch file and didn’t’ want to do it┬áline by line. With notepad++ its a two step process Select the block of code Ctrl-Q done! you [...]

A few tips for o365

A free mockup of the Microsoft office 2010 log...

Warning…this as turned into my notes more than a blog post. Hope the information is useful, but its not┬ácohesive We are testing the waters of office365. So far I’m not impressed for large business usage. If you are moving everything to o365 the experience is better, but if you stay in a hybrid configuration and [...]

How to track who logs into citrix


We have a few citrix farms and are slowly migrating to Xenapp 6.5, but we have to track who is still using the old farm before we just pull the plug. We have Xendeskop enterprise edition licenses, so we don’t have edgesite. I wrote a small batch file that logs data each time a user [...]

Upgrade vSphere from 5.1 to 5.1 update 2


We are still running a very early release of vSphere 5.1, this week I’m going to version 5.1 update 2. I’m not ready to move to 5.5 yet, the latest update for 5.5 has a NFS issue so I’m holding off. We still use the windows install of vSphere and for the most part still [...]

powershell script to update all UPN in a domain


I’m setting up our forest to access office 365. Part of the setup process is to make sure you have UPN set for all users. Our active directory forest has multiple domains each with their own DNS name space. I chose to use one UPN suffix for the entire forest. I tried to get the [...]

5 steps for finding the right multimode device for you

Do you want a table or a notebook, how about the best of both worlds? Lenovo has many different options in tablets and laptops. Use this simple infographic to find the right device for you. by ernestoolivares. Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

Motox voice commands for kitkat


My Droid bionic was on its last leg in December and i was traveling to a IT conference. I couldn’t wait any longer so I picked up a MotoX from a local big box store. The phone had lots of great reviews, but I can’t believe how much I love this phone. The battery life [...]

The State of Cloud Storage in 2013

Cloud storage has been a hot topic in 2013. At my employer we have about half our primary storage in the cloud. This infographic gives you an idea of where cloud storage is today.   by carolcavaleiro. Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

how to install drivers on ESXi 5


My prefered method for updating drivers on vmware ESX is to use update manager. Download the driver Extract the zip file upload the offline bundle through update manager attach it to a baseline scan enter maintenance mode remediate reboot Easy as pie. You can even add the Dell repository to install and update the OMSA [...]

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