Quick way to set the powershell ExecutionPolicy for the session


On my workstation I’ve set the powershelle executionpolicy to unrestricted. But there are times I need to run a script directly from a server and I don’t want to change the policy just run this script this one time. set-executionpolicy can be applied at different levels: -Scope ExecutionPolicyScope The scope of the execution policy. Valid […]

Zero client or thin client, which one?


We’ve been running wyse thin clients here for as long as I remember. I got a few trial thin clients from Ncomputing when they first came out but the manage software and the units themselves still had issues. We use Xenapp for both published applications and published desktops, sometimes we use the built in browser […]

Find the latest build number of office.


Office 2013 and 2016 installs from o365 will update and patch themselves. But I always like to make sure its working and is up to date. This site list how to force and update and check your current version. It also list the latest version number of 2013 which at this time is 15.0.4745.1002 Update […]

Get open files on a remote server with powershell

I needed to send a list of open files from our file server to the helpdesk so they could contact the users that were still using the old systems. I wanted to give them something other than a screen shot so I went digging for a powershell script. I found this which uses openfile.exe but […]

find large attachments in gmail and other tricks


I was lucky and I’m still grandfathered into gmail for domains for free, but I only get 15GBs of space including my Gdrive and photos. So I’m always trying to keep my attachments small in gmail. Here’s a quick tip to search for large attachments. In the search bar in gmail enter size:5000000 This will […]

Windows 10 is here

Infographic: The History of Windows

By now you have to have heard that windows 10 was released today and if you are running windows 7 or 8.1 you can upgrade to 10 for free!   At home I still have windows 7 and plan on doing a fresh install to start nice and clean. I have ran the preview versions […]

Office 365 Delve Blogs Explained

I started using sharepoint at work with the free version based off sharepoint 2007. Yes its still running one large wiki that didn’t get moved to our full 2010 install. I’ve now moved onto o365 and don’t deal with sharepoint admin, but I like to keep up on the new features. Personal blogs in sharepoint always […]

Managing Azure Active Directory joined devices with Microsoft Intune

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve talked to customers about a future scenario where they can finally tell their mobile end users: “Here’s a stipend, now go to an electronics store and buy a device for work.” Another variation of that discussion is simply sending a factory-imaged device from your OEM directly […]

Microsoft rolls out new MDM for Office 365

Where I work we don’t do much in terms of supporting mobile devices. We have activesync to get email, calendars, etc. We put in our policies that we can wipe your device if you connect to the companies email, but we’ve never done it because exchange remote wipe resets the entire device not just the […]

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