3 ways to manage your users in the cloud and on prem

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To the cloud. To most IT people that are not in sales or a cloud focused company that saying is a bad joke. For most of us “common” IT folk, we will continue to run on our own hardware for a number of reasons (existing hardware capacity, low latency, backup requirements,etc) But even with those […]

Why my vdi POC failed before it started


I’ve worked with Citrix Xenapp for years going back to the metaframe days. I’ve also tested Xendesktop and Vmware view a few different times, but I keep going to back to XenApp for published apps and desktops. This past vmworld vmware announced they will be supporting vGPU also (Xenserver has for awhile) this could be […]

Weekend tech tidbits

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Its quite a list this week. I hope you find some good information in these. Do More with Office 365 The Office 365 Support Team has put together a list of resources for high priority topics. We’ll update this page on a regular basis. You can click the “subscribe to this wiki page” link on […]

Weekend reading


Here’s a quick list of weekend reading to keep your tech up this weekend. Enjoy Citrix Profile Management – User Store revealed | pawelserwan One of the biggest problem in Application or Desktop Virtualization is end user experience and consistency of user profile and customizations. Luckily there is a bunch of tools available on the […]

How to find online archive mailbox size


I was looking for a way to get the size of our online archive mailboxes, but our primary mailboxes are on prem in a hybrid configuration. Most of the powershell scripts I found online where for one or the other because your powershell session has to be connected to an exchange server to pull the […]

Weekly technology link list


Week two and the items keep on coming. This week we have a notice about a new rollup for exchange 2010 as well as some help improving the awful anti-spam filter solution from o365. There is also a list of some youtube channels to help your IT know how. Released: Update Rollup 7 for Exchange […]

Weekly link list

I’m starting a weekly link list of my technology bookmarks for each week. Take a look and let me know if you enjoy the links or find them useful. Modernizing Your Infrastructure with Hybrid Cloud – Step-by-Step A 16 part series on hybrid Azure. tags:hyperv azure sn Citrix Receiver 4.x deployment script | Virtual eXperience […]

3 tools to help manage RDP connections

Remote Desktop Connection Manager

As an IT professional I’m always using RDP to access the servers. I’m using windows 8 and have pinned the RDP client to my taskbar and can access my recent server list by right clicking, but that only saves the last ten items. I can pin my favorite to the jump menu, but that just […]

comment blocks of code with notepad++

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I love notepad++ its a great text and script editor (other than powershell I still like ISE better) I needed to comment out a bunch of lines from a logon batch file and didn’t’ want to do it line by line. With notepad++ its a two step process Select the block of code Ctrl-Q done! you […]

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