wubi update

Well I finally got ubuntu working with my wireless.

After another reboot and not using my docking station, the ethernet port starting working. I was able to using apt-get to pull down a new version of ndiswrapper. Then I had to download the driver from dell. I found a forum post on how to put those two items together to get the wireless working and the new version of network manager supports WPA.

I also had to download a special driver for my nvidia card to enable 3D.

I feel good that I got it working, but going through all this trouble just doesn’t cut it as an option for the enterprise. Also now what? so I have linux installed, ok. Why is it better than windows.

I feel geeker, but ready to boot back into windows because that is where all my applications live.

Even if I could take the time to find simliar applications that work in linux, why?

Anyone got any ideas for cool stuff todo in linux?

let me know