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I installed wubi a few months ago. so I could dual boot with ubuntu. Just to see how far linux has come as an option for a business desktop. After fight with my wireless card and video drivers. I was able to get it running on my wireless network at home, but I could never get the fancy desktop (Compiz-fusion) to work correctly.

Now the latest kernel update make my Linux install un-bootable. I really don’t want to spend too much time troubleshooting it. I’ll write down the error and post it here soon.

After spending about 5 months using Linux on and off, mostly at home. I still have way too many windows apps I need at work. I would say Linux still has quite away before it comes a solid business desktop, especially for mobile users.

Here’s some of the past post:

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  1. Indeed, Windows apps are the big problems. Especially, that involves hardwares. But we (I know you didn’t) can’t blame Linux for that, we should blame those companies didn’t develop for Linux. Many Linux developers port their apps to Windows and Mac, but it’s not a vice versa case.

    I use Linux and with an additional Windows box aside.

    Would you mind to list what Windows apps you need to use for your business?

    livibetters last blog post..1

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  3. wubi may also be part of the problem. I have a dual-boot work laptop but I haven’t booted windows or even my windows partition with vmware in at least 6 months. In other words, I use linux exclusively.

    Now it doesn’t hurt that I am a Unix engineer (in addition to storage and backup) and a linux user since ’95. But I didn’t have to do squat to get this work laptop playing nice with linux. ubuntu did everything.

    For the wintel specific stuff, I just use the linux citrix client and point it at the company citrix server. Now again, that’s not a whole lot of stuff for me (remedy, some applications for helping do other business tasks, and occassionally visio). Most office apps I do with google apps or with openoffice.

    Scott Harneys last blog post..Ready to go home

  4. Try Ubuntu from Wubi isn’t the best idea.
    You would get a better look at it if you installed it on another hard disk, Or dual-boot your machine.

    Sudo Aptitudes last blog post..Will Cuil Replace Google?

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