wubi update

Well I finally got ubuntu working with my wireless.

After another reboot and not using my docking station, the ethernet port starting working. I was able to using apt-get to pull down a new version of ndiswrapper. Then I had to download the driver from dell. I found a forum post on how to put those two items together to get the wireless working and the new version of network manager supports WPA.

I also had to download a special driver for my nvidia card to enable 3D.

I feel good that I got it working, but going through all this trouble just doesn’t cut it as an option for the enterprise. Also now what? so I have linux installed, ok. Why is it better than windows.

I feel geeker, but ready to boot back into windows because that is where all my applications live.

Even if I could take the time to find simliar applications that work in linux, why?

Anyone got any ideas for cool stuff todo in linux?

let me know


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  1. stupid linux (yes I’m calling it stupid, but it could be my fault) I was proad last night to get it working. This morning I get a notice that an update to ubuntu 7.10 is available, so I tell it to update. Well after the reboot. Its broke.
    I get an error after logon about incorrect or missing HAL and it can’t find either my ethernet or wireless card.
    It was a fun test, but just not worth my time.
    I’m sticking with XP. Maybe I’ll try linux in another 6-8 months.

  2. Several webpages have mentioned problems getting Wubi+Ubuntu to work w/ a laptop. I had absolutely no problem w/ my Dell, including wireless… I was probably lucky. I did the original 7.04, and it worked first time out of the gate. The only problem I ran into was that I scrimped on the install, setting a 4G size… once it was up and running, it was doing so well that I went wild downloading additional apps… and ran out of virtual disk space. I blew that away and tried the Wubi on the 7.10 distro (I wanted Compiz very badly) but that version did not work well on the laptop. It looked like it did, but no joy. So, it’s back to 7.04 for me soon.

    Why Linux? Hm… for a variety of reasons. Some folks like to tinker, some folks want the smaller target (Linux has a lower profile for viruses), I like to collect Distros to play with – usually on CD, and I use them for repair tools.

    I like the ability to get Vista-like visual displays and gadgets without the over-head of Vista, on a less beefy machine… I didn’t have to buy a faster/bigger hd/more ram/hotter video machine. Using different distros, I can make very old machines useful (Tosh laptop w/ 92M of memory, 4G hd — what could make THAT useful?).

    For me, it’s a fun toy, just like some folks mess w/ model railroads or bonsai.

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