Looking for new wireless router

Since I?ve moved back to Charter and there higher speeds. My old Linksys WRT54G with Tomato firmware doesn?t seem to be keeping up. I?ve had drops and low signal issues with it the over the last month. I don?t always get the speeds I should be getting when I do a speed test (but when I plug directly into the cable modem I do get the high speeds consistently)

The last draw was the new ATT Microcell I got won?t stay connected or pull an IP 90% of the time. I?ve tried the unit at work and it will pull and keep an IP every time. I?ve tried different ports on the router and different Ethernet cables same with result.

So I?m ready to purchase another wireless router to see if this fixes my issues. Right now everything I have wireless is still G, but it doesn?t seem to make sense to me to purchase a new router and not get N so I?m ready when I get my first N device.

So I headed to Amazon to look at the different options and reviews, there doesn?t seem to be any consistent winners and the prices are from $50-$160 for a N wireless router. The router is in the basement so I need something with a good powerful signal.

I?ve had my Linksys for about 6 years and its served me good. We use Cisco at work so I?d think a Cisco/Linksys device (E1000 through E3000) would be a solid product but the Amazon ready seem to learn toward them being overpriced and only average performers. I was looking at the netgear lineup (WNR2000 through WNDR3700) and it looks solid.

So now I?m asking you my readers for your opinion and experiences.