Bookmarks for July 15th through July 19th

These are my links for July 15th through July 19th:

  • Update User Attributes from CSV File (VBScript) – Update active directory user attributes from a CSV File. (See Notes section for additional information and instructions)
  • Bulk AD Users – WiseSoft Bulk AD Users is a tool that makes it easy to perform bulk updates to Active Directory User account attributes. Previously you might have wrote scripts to perform these types of updates or gone through a very tedious process of performing these updates one at a time via the ADU&C interface. Bulk AD Users makes this process much simpler and also provides an XML log file that allows you to undo any unwanted updates. The application has powerful query capabilities that allow you to target updates to only the required user accounts and number of methods are available for updating user account data depending on your specific requirements.
  • Get columns Totals for date column in a sharepoint list using XPath Query in sharepoint designer | – If you want to use totals in sharepoint list view to get the maximum/minimum/sum… or any of the totals for any column then it is easy, you just need to edit the view of your list and add the total you want based on any column.
  • Infowise Ltd – SharePoint web parts and components – SharePoint web parts and components
  • Hide form fields in SharePoint | My SharePoint of View – Sometimes when building SharePoint solutions or creating custom lists you want to hide some columns from the new or edit form. But the default new and edit form are automatically generating the form fields with all the columns that are created for the list.
  • How to Pass Querystring data into an InfoPath Form – Microsoft InfoPath 2010 – Site Home – MSDN Blogs – After showing you how to customize a SharePoint list with InfoPath 2010, and describing the differences between SharePoint list forms and form library forms together with Kate Everitt, I’m back with a quick tip for easily sending a value from the browser’s query string into an InfoPath form.

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