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windows update for business and intune

We are having issues with machines not patching even with the Intune policies set. I’m documenting different post I’ve found to help troubleshoot this issue. I’m also seeing inconsistencies in reporting depending if I look at Intune, log analytics, or the security center with ATP defender information.

Use Update Compliance reports for Windows Updates in Microsoft Intune – Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Docs

Policy CSP – Update – Windows Client Management | Microsoft Docs

Why you shouldn’t set these 25 Windows policies – Windows IT Pro Blog (

on the above link there was an important notice, they added another policy setting to continue using


A new policy is required to use Update Compliance: “AllowUpdateComplianceProcessing”. If you’re already using Update Compliance and have configured your devices prior to May 10, 2021, you must configure devices with this additional policy. You can do this by rerunning the Update Compliance Configuration Script if you configure your devices through Group Policy, or refer to Manually configuring devices for Update Compliance for details on manually configuring the new policy for both Group Policy and MDM.

Devices must have this policy configured by January 31, 2022, to remain enrolled in Update Compliance. Devices without this policy configured, including Windows 10 releases prior to version 1809 which do not support this policy, will stop appearing in Update Compliance reports after this date.

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