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VMware horizon view with shared GPU

One of my projects this year is to research and test using hardware GPU in our horizon view environment. Vmware has some good documentation on it, but like all technologies getting real world feedback and experience is vital in making an informed decision.

I’m using this post to collect the links and information I find during my research. If you have any good links please post them in the comments below.

Deploying Hardware-Accelerated Graphics with VMware Horizon | VMware

We started the conversation with Dell about which GPU to use, we wanted to compart NVidia to AMD but it looks like AMD is in a holding pattern. Their latest model is end of life and the replacement is still being developed 🙁

For Nivdia we are looking at the Tesla T4 vs the M10. Both cards have been around for awhile 2018 vs 2016 and both can support around 128 users on the servers we are building out. Cost is a little lower for the M10.

I found the links below useful in comparing the two cards.

NVIDIA Tesla T4 vs NVIDIA Tesla M10 (

Choosing the right NVIDIA GPU for your workload (

Updated 4/2/2021

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