Intune application deployment for running applications

We’ve been using packaged win32 apps to deploy with intunewinapputil for a few months. But we’ve ran into issues with applications with the zoom VDI plugin because the view client is running when the plugin tries to update. The install shows as successful in intune and in control panel that the new version is installed. But when we look at the dll’s the install was not successfully.

I found PSADT, a powershell script first created to standardize deployments with SCCM. But it also supports Intune and people have used it with serviceui to allow screen pops that run in the user context. I’m hoping this will allow me to check if the view client is running and prompt the user to close it before the Zoom VDI plugin can install cleanly.

This post will be a collection of links I’m using well trying to solve this problem

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