My intune autopilot journey

We are starting our design and testing using intune and autopilot. Below is my notes and links I’m using to build our process.

During testing we are using the get-windowsautopilotinfo powershell script during the OBBE to register the hardware hash into autopilot.

  1. Boot into the first screen of OBBE (Pick your region)
  2. Shift-F10 (this will open a command window)
  3. type – powershell to start a powershell session
  4. set-executionpolicy unrestricted
  5. install-script get-windowsautopilotinfo
  6. get-windowsautopilotinfo -online

I’ve had success with this process so far, I installed vmware workstation today to make the testing process of different machine quicker. But I’m running into issues. I don’t know if its because of the lack of TPM or what. The above process works and the hardware hash registers into intune. I have a deployment policy assigned but when I boot it still stops on the first input (region)

Support Tip: Using group tags to import devices into Intune with Autopilot

Intune Standalone – Win32 app management

Autopilot reset – what does it mean?

Factory reset, Fresh start, AutoPilot reset, so many options?! – More than just ConfigMgr (

I’ll continue to update this post as we make more progress. If you have any good websites about intune and autopilot, leave them in the comments below.

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