Intune and managing windows at home

Like a lot of companies with the shift to work from home, we are expanding our managment platforms to support remote workers. Unlike a lot of companies we don’t use VPN because all our users access their resources through VDI, even well in the office. We still use full win10 devices for our end points, it has pros and cons. Right now we have a mix of devices that are domain joined with SCCM and some that are Azure joined with intune.

I’ve been working on trying to get the domain joined w/ SCCM more managed through intune without needing a lot of changes from the end points since they are remote without VPN or admin rights 🙂

Its a little bit of a catch 22, but I’m working through it.

Here are a couple of the links I’m working though now. I’ll add more as I figure it out.

These guys have some great intune training videos on youtube.

I’m always looking for great Intune resources, if you know of more please leave them in the comments below.

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