ATT phone issues

Last week for about 48 our ATT IP flex phone service was down. This was a larger issue than just our service, we knew of parts of a local hospital and school that were down also. But of course our ATT account manager wouldn’t respond to emails or answer his phone.

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That ATT customer support did was give us a public site to enter the service ticket number into, they only updated it about twice a day 🙁

We also don’t have the best documentation on our phone lines, we have more than the ATT Flex IP solution for PSTN but that is were of our usage is, well troubleshooting way some numbers were still working during the ATT outage. We found a site that tells you who a number is registered through.

I’m posting this here for others if you have issues with ATT or your phone service. Mostly for myself because I know we will have more issues and need to to use the lookup site to help build our internal phone documentation.


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