project management solutions for o365

We currently have a home grown project management solution using sharepoint 2013. I created it a long time ago and others have improved upon it, but it’s time to move onto something better and on o365. We are moving our team sites and intranet to o365 so now I’m looking at prebuilt solutions for project management, we don’t have huge projects to manage and don’t use any standard methodology so project online is over kill. Here are a few solutions I’ve found so far and I will update and add on as I found more information.


ActionSpace – flexible business management solution that fits your needs like a glove.



SharePoint Project Tracker

  • Manage and track many projects in one site
  • Create Project collaboration sub sites
  • Office 365 or On-premise Deployment
  • Tasks, Issues, Resources, Docs, Interactions
  • Create and reuse Project Templates
  • Use with or without MS Project
  • An easy to use and cost-effective solution


BrightWork – Sharepoint Templates for project management, some are free, some you have to pay for


Last is Bamboo solutions, they have been around for awhile with sharepoint solutions, I just can’t tell if their project management piece works with o365 or not.


Let me know if I’ve missed any others in the comments below.

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