Windows 10 is here

By now you have to have heard that windows 10 was released today and if you are running windows 7 or 8.1 you can upgrade to 10 for free!


At home I still have windows 7 and plan on doing a fresh install to start nice and clean. I have ran the preview versions at work throughout the month of June. But they stopped releasing RSAT updates with the new releases so I couldn’t manage our environment so I went back to 8.1


I haven’t heard much from my IT friends on when or if they are going to jump to windows 10. Marketing and sales for Microsoft and their partners make it sound like all enterprise IT is just waiting to jump to windows 10, but its all just to drive more software and services. I don’t see a big reason to make the jump right now. But New Egg and Spiceworks put together an infographic on why businesses would want to make the jump.
IT Pros Geared for Quick Windows 10 Adoption

A Microsoft training partner put together a infographic on how we got to windows 10 starting with version 1

Infographic: The History of Windows
Infographic: The History of Windows by Best STL

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