Veeam FastSCP for Microsoft Azure

We use Veeam for to backup our virtual environment and I love it. One thing beyond the backup software I like is that they continue to give back to the users. This year alone its been Veeam Endpoint Backup which is free and now they announce Fast SCP for Microsoft Azure. Nice!

The cloud is everywhere since the last few years and it doesn’t look like it will go away any time soon. More and more businesses are considering infrastructure as a service to extend their current datacenter needs. Spinning up a few virtual machines can be done quickly and efficiently in Microsoft Azure and with the pay-as-you-go model, many CFOs are very happy to see the switch from CAPEX to the OPEX model. Yet, as of today, not that many companies are using these services for their production environment, and if they do, it is only a small part or a state-less part of their infrastructure.But for other needs within the datacenter, certainly in the development, testing and acceptance cycle it is very easy to use these services.There is a problem…In many scenarios, there is a potential problem when using Microsoft Azure VMs. Unless the VMs running in Azure are an extension of your datacenter and are domain-joined and connected through a VPN, it isn’t easy to copy files into those VMs or getting data back out.

Source: Announcing: Veeam FastSCP for Microsoft Azure


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