A few tips for o365

Warning…this as turned into my notes more than a blog post. Hope the information is useful, but its not?cohesive 🙂

We are testing the waters of office365. So far I’m not impressed for large business usage. If you are moving everything to o365 the experience is better, but if you stay in a hybrid configuration and only use parts of the suite. I can be a rough experience.

The installer for onedrive for business tries to reconfigure your outlook and lync to point to o365. If you are still running office 2010 the onedrive client breaks the link between IE and lync.

We are also moving from FOPE to EOP, that process wasn’t bad, but right now there is now link from o365 navigation for the user to review their quarantine. I did find this link?from Microsoft that has the url for the user to access their own quarantine folder


A free mockup of the Microsoft office 2010 log...
A free mockup of the Microsoft office 2010 logo to be displayed on a white background. made form simple geometric shapes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


interesting the link for the admin section of exchange online! LOL

We are working through documentation and I found this from the University of Washington


A coworker just passed on this link discussing an offline installer for onedrive for business and it sounds like the only option is a full office 2013 package that has a customize file to only install onedrive! Which I guess sorta makes sense since onedrive for business is really just the groove client V2!


Here’s another good link for the o365 roadmap, its a list of the latest updates as well as the upcoming updates


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  1. Nowadays that everything is going to the Clouds, Office 365 has become the Perfect Product for Organization and Small Business

    Thank you for the Tips…

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