Upgrade vSphere from 5.1 to 5.1 update 2

We are still running a very early release of vSphere 5.1, this week I’m going to version 5.1 update 2. I’m not ready to move to 5.5 yet, the latest update for 5.5 has a NFS issue so I’m holding off.

We still use the windows install of vSphere and for the most part still use the native client install not the web UI.

I’ve collected some blog post to reference for the update and just thought I would drop them here so I don’t lose them and to help anyone else looking to do the update.

This first link is one of my favorites I’m always trying to correlate the build number I see in the vi client with what the release version. Here is vmware’s official post on that.

And a few more links about the upgrade:

vSphere upgrade guild

Professionalvmware -?Upgrading vSphere 5.1 ? 5.1U1a

Secret Nest -?Work through: Upgrade vSphere 5.1 to 5.1 Update 1

Some of these links for for the upgrade 1 but the process is the same, so they will work for update 2.

I have the upgrade scheduled for Wednesday, I’ll follow up with how it turns out.



UPDATE: wow, that didn’t go well. I ran into an issue upgrading vCenter server it kept failing saying it couldn’t update one of the components. I dug through the logs and found it was the profile driven storage it couldn’t upgrade. Turns out it wasn’t installed to begin with! I don’t know when it was added but I didn’t have it installed and the upgrade package wasn’t smart enough to just install it. I contacted support and after 4 hours and reinstalling I had vcenter up but lost all my permissions!! I had to restore from the morning and then do a repair of the vCenter server with the ISO of 5.1 RTM and it installed profile driven storage, then I was able to successfully install update 2. What should have taken about an hour took about five and half! When the time comes I hope my upgrade to 5.5 is smoother 🙂

Now I need to work on getting all the ESXi host upgrade to 5.1 U2

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