Motox voice commands for kitkat

My Droid bionic was on its last leg in December and i was traveling to a IT conference. I couldn’t wait any longer so I picked up a MotoX from a local big box store. The phone had lots of great reviews, but I can’t believe how much I love this phone. The battery life is great and android 4.4 (kitkat) is really sweet.

Yesterday the phone went on sale at motomaker for $49. I’m going to pick up another one for my wife. If you don’t know motomaker allows you to customize the colors of the front and back of your phone, plus add custom engraving to the back.

One of the fun features of kitkat is the improved voice commands, here is a list of some of the some of the commands to get you started.

Google Now voice commands by

Right now the only down side to this phone is a known issue with kitkat and Exchange activesync. So my work email doesn’t not work properly. There is a fix in 4.4.2 I’m just waiting for it to be released for motox on verizon

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  1. Hello Jason! Thanks for this information. I like to use voice commands. The way you have shown here is a great thing to do. I love this infographic.

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